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I believe the future of commerce and work is entering an acceleration phase. Against the backdrop of machine learning and mass automation, I believe people can and should continue to add value within the digital economy,

V3locity is my e-commerce coaching framework designed for founders, in-house teams and freelancers seeking gains in performance.  Utilising data science, system thinking and virtualisation to unlock trapped Value.

With over 24 years experience my e-commerce coaching sessions aim to improve leaders, teams and individual contributors performance within Direct-to-Consumer trading and marketing functions.

Performance Pain Points

Diminishing Performance

Have your wholesale or retail sales channels diminished? What is the ratio of your online sales? If less than 50% of the total gross you are falling behind the adoption curve. In 2022 internet sales have already reached 30.2% of total retail sales in the UK ( The good news is you still have time. Reach out to me today!

Digital Skill Gaps

Digital workers rotate jobs frequently due to a hard skill shortage, competition for talent and organisation culture alignment. High attrition rates can result in oscillating top-line sales performance and compounding bottom-line investment. Need help with digital skill resources? Let’s have a chat


Achieving a healthy EBITDA is far more complex than wholesale or business-to-business operating models. In addition, DTC eCommerce follows a non-linear attribution, so it can be challenging to determine which of your cost centres can be optimised. So first, let’s discuss your P&L challenges?

eCommerce Coaching Services:


  • DTC Commerce
  • Marketplaces
  • Marketing


  • Training / Upskilling
  • Third-Party / Agencies
  • In-house Teams


  • Data Analytics
  • Agile Operations
  • A.I. Automation


Performance Results



Increased DTC online gross sales by +204% and reduced operating costs by (-71%) over 3 years.


Increased net profit +37% year on year by cutting operational costs and yielding better performance from a (-10%) marketing spend optimisation.


Launched new direct-to-consumer brand channel with +38% net sales growth like-for-like over consecutive years


Increased repeat revenue by +159% YoY through the deployment of new customer relationship management tools, RFM data analysis, email platform optimisations


Increasing new customer orders by +71% and gross revenue by +82%, whilst reducing the customer acquisition cost by (-76%)


How can I help you with your business metrics? What are your current challenges to online growth?


Outcome-orientated coaching for DTC e-commerce brands and teams

Marketing Coaching

£ 499

Per Month
  • Customer Acquisition
    1-1 session: Paid, Earned, Owned Media
    (1 per month).
  • Customer Retention
    1-1 session: CRM, Email, CLV
    (1 per month).
  • Action plan
    Task prioritisation: Asana, Jira
  • Support
    Troubleshooting, ad-hoc Q/A
  • Data Analytics
    BI management dashboards
    (BigQuery/Google Data Studio).

Productivity Coaching

£ 999

Per Month
  • Trade Performance
    Team coaching calls
    (4 per month).
  • Marketing/Trade
    calendar adjustment calls
    ( weekly).
  • 1-to-1 Productivity
    1:1 Coaching calls
    (2 per month).
  • Action plan
    Task prioritisation: Asana, Jira
  • Regular support
    Check-ins, Ad-Hoc Q/A
  • Data Analytics
    BI management dashboards
    (BigQuery/Google Data Studio).

Growth CoachingMost Popular

£ 1499

Per Month
  • KPI Review
    OKR / KPI calls
    (4 per month).
  • Trade Performance
    Data analysis and actions
  • P&L Review
    Gap analysis and forecasting
  • Regular Support
    Check-ins, ad-hoc Q/A
  • Data Analytics
    BI Management Dashboards
    (BigQuery/Google Data Studio)


Brands & Retailers I have worked with over the past 24 years