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Phil Mckeith

Ecommerce Growth Consultant


I believe the future of commerce and work is entering an acceleration phase. Against the backdrop of machine learning, mass automation and privacy legislation accurate and actionable data is no longer a nice-to-have it’s mission critical.

V3locity is my D2C e-commerce framework designed for founders, managers and marketing teams seeking to move beyond biased attribution models. My approach utilises data science, system thinking and virtualisation to unlock trapped value.

As an independent consultant my agenda is not to up-sell commission based partnerships or in-house products and services. My objective is to up-skill your team, deploy best-of-breed tools and ingrain analytical thinking into your organisation.

Performance Pain Points

Diminishing Performance

Have your online sales flat-lined or retraced year-on-year ? What is the ratio of your online sales? If less than 50% of the total gross you are falling behind the adoption curve. In 2022 internet sales have already reached 30% of total retail sales in the UK ( The good news is you still have time. Reach out to me today!

Digital Skill Gaps

Digital workers rotate jobs frequently due to a hard skill shortage, competition for talent and organisation culture alignment. High attrition rates can result in oscillating top-line sales performance and compounding bottom-line investment. Need help with digital skill resources? Let’s have a chat


Achieving a healthy EBIT is far more interconnected than wholesale or retail operating models. In addition, D2C eCommerce follows a non-linear attribution, so it can be challenging to determine which of your cost centres can be optimised. So first, let’s discuss your P&L challenges?

Fractional D2C eCommerce Managed Services:


  • D2C Commerce
  • Marketplaces
  • Marketing


  • Training / Upskilling
  • Third-Party / Agencies
  • In-house Teams


  • Data Analytics
  • Agile Operations
  • A.I. Automation

D2C eCommerce

Performance Results



Increased D2C online gross sales by +204% and reduced operating costs by (-71%) over 3 years.


Increased net profit +37% year on year by cutting operational costs and yielding better performance from a (-10%) marketing spend optimisation.


Launched new direct-to-consumer brand channel with +38% net sales growth like-for-like over consecutive years


Increased repeat revenue by +159% YoY through the deployment of new customer relationship management tools, RFM data analysis, email platform optimisations


Increasing new customer orders by +71% and gross revenue by +82%, whilst reducing the customer acquisition cost by (-76%)


How can I help you with your business metrics? What are your current challenges to online growth?


Outcome-orientated Fractional CMO Options


£ 999

Per Month
  • Customer Acquisition
    1-1 Performance session
    (1 per month).
  • Customer Retention
    1-1 Performance session
    (1 per month).
  • Action Plan
    Task prioritisation: Asana, Jira
  • Support
    Troubleshooting, ad-hoc Q/A
  • Data Analytics
    BI management dashboards
    (BigQuery/Google Data Studio).
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£ 1499

Per Month
  • Trade Performance
    Team coaching calls
  • Process Optimisation
    Agile coaching/sprint reviews
    ( Weekly).
  • 1-to-1 Productivity
    1:1 Coaching calls
    (2 per month).
  • Regular Support
    Check-ins, ad-hoc Q/A
  • Data Analytics
    BI management dashboards
    (BigQuery/Google Data Studio).
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£ 1999

Per Month
  • KPI Review
    OKR / KPI calls
    (4 per month).
  • Trade Performance
    Data analysis and actions
  • P&L Review
    Gap analysis and forecasting
  • Regular Support
    Check-ins, ad-hoc Q/A
  • Data Analytics
    BI Management Dashboards
    (BigQuery/Google Data Studio)
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Brands & Retailers I have worked with over the past 24 years