Managed Services


Find, attract and convert the right customers. Accelerate growth by reducing the customer acquisition cost (CAC) whilst increasing the customer lifetime value (LTV). I have in-depth knowledge of PPC, Google Shopping, Paid Social, Display, Affiliates and Search Engine Optimisation.”]


Design, build and test automated email newsletters with a focus on increasing the recency, frequency and monetary value (RFM). Optimising the Repeat Purchase Rate (RPR) and tackling customer churn rates are key to creating sustainable growth. I have extensive knowledge of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) & Email marketing applications


A modern e-commerce stack is modular not monolithic, and uses a best of breed not biggest beast ethos. With 20 years experience of marketing tech, eCommerce platforms and third party system integrations I am well placed to advise, project manage and deploy progressive technical architectures.


Products must be easy to find on and off-site through product information accuracy, meta data and visual merchandising. I have knowledge of deploying AI recommendation engines and data driven up-sell/cross-sell supported with price optimisation and tactical trade promotions.


360-degree experience of administration, logistics and trading of multiple ecommerce stores. Making sure all tasks run on time including product launches, marketing promotions and accurate fulfilment whilst giving a first-class customer service at scale is a challenge but possible.


Finding hidden insights, understanding customer segments and building predicative capabilities. My wide knowledge of analytics and business intelligence provides an effective skill set to create in-house management dashboards and self-service reporting to facilitate faster decision making.


Pivoting towards Direct To Consumer (DTC), transforming from pure player to omni-channel or adopting service over product are choices digital leaders must make quickly. As an independent advisor with no commercial ties I am well placed to offer impartial direction to deliver results.


Progressive teams are a blend of employees, suppliers, partners, agencies, consultants and management working together as one unit with purpose, autonomy and agility. Creating high performance teams with contrasting skills such as retail and tech is what I do best.


Aligning the brand, user, product and customer experience touch points with a promise. I understand the importance of winning the first and last mile whilst reducing the friction in between through the optimisation of the top, middle and bottom funnel conversion.

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