About Me

Futurist - Agent For Change


What Clients Ask Me. 
My project is failing can you rescue it? We have invested in technology, but productivity is flat can you help? Our new system should have been live months ago can you complete the integration. My staff don’t have the digital skills the business requires can you train them? We have a road map but we are behind can you fast track it?  Sound Familiar?

What I Can Do
Are you looking for a quick fix and somebody who can “pick the low hanging fruits”? not really what I do. Producing more fruits from nurturing the roots is what I can achieve. Does your team need more tools to produce value or effective skills to extract value? If your organisation is frozen with the fear of failure, I can spring your team out of a long winter.

Why Clients Retain Me

The promise of technology is high but the reality is too often disappointing, frustrating and time consuming often resulting in tech fatigue. Over 20 years consumer brands, government departments and enterprises have approached me to close the gap between promise and reality.  My clients retain me to navigate their organisation through these key pressure points and my resilience and grit to reach the summit.